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I teach landlords just like you, who want to self manage their rentals, the exact systems you need to confidently find great tenants who will pay the rent, efficiently manage your rental properties, and help eliminate the common problems you will face.

Tenant Pre-Screening Training Videos

Tenant Pre-Screening Training Videos

Ready to start finding great tenants? Learn how to quickly and easily pre-screen prospects before you ever meet them or show them your property. It is easy and it works!

Winter Tips For Tenants

Winter Tips For Tenants

Your tenants are not homeowners. You need to help them properly maintain your property.  Grab this handout and turn it into an email or a newsletter to send to your tenants this winter.

Credit Screening Criteria Free Guide

Credit Screening Criteria Free Guide

Are you tired of renting to bad tenants?  Find out what criteria you need to use when you screen so that you find the very best tenants for your properties.

There is a myth circulating that you cannot successfully manage your rental properties by yourself and that is just NOT true!   Do not let anyone tell you that you need to hire a property manager! All you need is the right systems and rental criteria to be able to successfully manage your rental properties. 

I am here to help you navigate this adventure to becoming a successful landlord and take control of your future.  Let me help you develop the systems and criteria you need to successfully self manage your properties, while creating monthly passive income, and without losing your mind!

Be sure and join the Commonsense Landlording Facebook Group. Grab my tenant pre-screening questions in this group and sign up for the free Tenant Pre-Screening Video Training. I post tips for landlords as well as actual case studies discussing tenant pre-screening as well as tenant credit checks.


Stop struggling to find tenants who will pay the rent every month and take care of your property. The key to finding these tenants is to pre-screen all prospects before you ever meet them to show your property! Grab my free tenant pre-screening video and learn how this works.

Becoming a successful landlord can be a complicated endeavor if you don’t know what you are doing.  Sure, we all know those people in our area who are well known, successful landlords, and we all want to be those landlords.

Whether you made the decision to become a landlord or you became an “accidental landlord”, you can successfully self manage your rentals with systems, procedures and rental criteria.  You can become one of the landlords that everyone admires and looks to for advice because you are happy managing your business and living the dream.

You don’t have to become one of those landlords who wasn’t so “lucky” as you  are forced to stand by and watch helplessly as your properties lose money hand over fist.

Without systems, landlords usually find out pretty quickly that owning and managing rental property can become a terrible nightmare and becomes a money sucking proposition.

All landlords start out with the very real dream of creating passive income, however without systems, these same landlords have to watch their dream of a steady, monthly income go down the drain.




I have been a property manager since 2010 and I manage a large number of rental properties ranging from single family homes, apartment buildings, commercial warehouses and strip shopping centers. 

It seemed like I was always dealing with tenant who had trouble paying the rent and I just  got sick and tired of dealing with all of the problems.  These tenants were difficult to deal with,  always had excuse after excuse and made a lot empty promises that were never kept.  Because these tenants never did what they were supposed to do, I spent a lot of time chasing money. 

This process of dealing with these bad tenants is exhausting and I knew something had to change.  The first thing I did was start reviewing all of my bad tenants and trying to figure out where I went wrong.  I started to see patterns that we easy to identify if you knew what to look for.   From there, I started implementing systems that help me identify those people and screen them out very early on.  This leaves me with a much smaller pool of prospects that have been pre-screened and have a much better chance of qualifying to rent from me.


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